Chicago flight simulator training

Supplement Air time Affordably

Northwest Flyers is bringing back the magic of general aviation.

Flight simulators are a cost-effective way to build experience at the controls between actual flights. That’s why Northwest Flyers provides an FAA approved full-featured Flight Training Device on site that can be configured for over thirty single engine, multi-engine and turboprop aircraft.

Northwest Flyers Flight Simulation

Coordinating radio communication with proper flight procedures can be daunting for student pilots. At Northwest Flyers, you can simulate real flight using virtual flight controls while practicing radio protocol with virtual air traffic control. Pilots can calmly and safely prepare for potential emergencies without actually having one.

Simulators cost up to fifty percent less than time in an aircraft, and are more efficient for IFR training and currency requirements. Northwest Flyers is proud to offer one of the best flight simulators on the market today.

Flight Simulation Pricing

$75 per Hobbs Hour

Precision Flight Controls CR-12 ProPanel Flight Simulator

  • FAA Approved Flight Training Device (FTD)
  • ProPanel Advanced Visual System
  • PilotEdge Virtual Air Traffic Control Service

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